I had on me a coin with no face,
weathered by the hands of many merchants.
now, from my palm faceless coin gazed at me.
I asked this coin which could not see,
what it was doing, had accomplished, and what it meant to be me.
the coin replied in a tone devoid of speech,
that its two sides carried answers to the world’s pursuits.
luck and fate hang in the balance, it said,
will you believe in the destiny of which I speak,
or will you stumble into an arbitrary future?
toss me, it said, make up your mind,
am I direction or am I chance?
throw me to the water and look at the ripples of your will.
yes, luck is blind,
but is it not joyful to venture into the unknown?
the coin paused as I considered its words.
ignorant fool, do not be as I am!
faceless and traded for something with more worth.
I move freely only because my value is without value,
and yet I am the master of your world.
fate, dear friend, is your choice.
a vision amongst the visionless.
do not be as I am,
let your worth be in your dreams,
and let your value be in chasing the currency of your soul.
though I flow freely, I am no living stream.
the voice faded and the faceless became silent once more.
where then shall I go?

~ goatedlife