where is the chaos of the city?
where is the frantic and frenetic?
this calm is no comfort for exhaustion.
where are the sirens, those suffocating sounds?
panicked at least I know they are not sent for me.
where is the smog and the smell of excess?
here waves crash but,
even in their ferocity,
they remain constant and dependable.
people walk as if without purpose,
but is it not simply because they know
to where it is they go.
even the sunset pauses
or is it just that here time has no time?
the wilderness teaches patience
to a man trained only in i’m.
his breath slows, but this is no technique
taught by the instant fix.
no, here it slows to the prose
of nature’s whispering song.
oh thank you for the wilderness
i’m not certain how much more i had,
on. off. on. off.
the city calls me back,
but for tonight i will find peace
in nature’s unhurried arms.

~ goatedlife.