I sit here contemplating the birth of a new year and its meaning.
We record and date history for reasons I don’t know –
Perhaps we believe it gives us control over the endless cycle of night and day?
Regardless, today I am grateful for something as ancient as life itself.
I am grateful for that which journeys with me, patiently and often in silence.
And that which I gasp for when hurried or caught in fleeting moments.
Today I am grateful for life.
And for the gift that reminds me I am not just existing, but living.
This gift I speak of is that of breath.
The metronomic flow of life, captured in two actions.
Inhale. Exhale.
Yes, one day my breath will escape me.
But until that day it will always be with me.
My very first action, and my very last.
A life gift, a companion, that accompanies me everywhere I go.
I pray on this day and for this new year for a peaceful breath.
And for peace filled breath.
I pray for purposeful breath that shamelessly praises God,
but also for breath that takes time to appreciate the stillness.
This simple reminder of life is all I ever need to be reminded to seek ‘less’ and realise ‘more’-
less fear, less anxiety and less doubt.
More courage, more bravery and more hope!
Joy, peace and love, God’s most precious gifts for the wandering soul – are found in the breathless moments.
The realised hope. The unexpected surprise. The fruits of hard work.
All these breathless moments breathe life into our souls.
I am thankful for all those moments I have had, and have shared.
Though life has it’s ebbs and flows – its many ups and downs,
I hope to remember, like the cycle of breath –
that I can always start again, rise again and breathe again.
For the destiny yet to be revealed I am grateful,
and for that already written I am thankful.

~ goatedlife