permanent, pen punctures page,
pronouncing philosophies, philologies,
of pure, impassioned prayer and praise,
playing precariously, the problematic posited,
no pun, no prudence, no pause nor applause,
peculiarity pitying at the positivist laws.
please, pass this period,
poised between pre- and post-,
what is possible in permanence,
a picture of now and almost?
pillars and platitudes of prose without property,
it presumes its place, placed in position –
unfazed, this phrase, apathetic, a haze,
politic, polite, purpose proposes the permanent,
in passing pleads the pieces of people’s proses,
of ponderances and panders,
pointed at love.
this apparition, precursor of pleasure,
pulchritudinous …
oh where is my treasure?

~ goatedlife