the brushstrokes ceased,
love’s easel, a void without form.
dreams halted, intolerance stares.
compassion’s journey divided, 
by the message of hate.
they, them, their, the other –
it’s always them to blame.
anything to shift, 
exonerate guilts unholy name.
bitterness and ruin speaks, 
the tongue of the time,
one, all, what really matters,
fighting in the junkyard of a burning world?
entrenched, the trenches of deceit,
wonder cannot wander, 
the clipped creative wing.
unity through diversity,
diverted by the pointed finger.
of our time, forgets the timeless –
self-determined, self-directed,
fields of mice haunted,
by the hawkishness of mice’s own eye.
dry, as drought stricken riverbed,
the vile of anger’s soul.
please the third, turn a blind eye,
stolen misfit, the lost freak.
everyone acquainted, acquaintance,
nowhere a friend.
oh, of time wasted,
chasing those who waste no time.
outcasts cast out,
thrown to wolves hiding in plain sight.
goodness the taint on evil,
sigh, did I say it wrong?
phonetic mishaps, 
cancellation’s marching song.
Alexsander and Viktor, 
is this imprisoned cause?
truths without absolution,
the slip, even good intentioned,
met with damnations applause.
mourning, is love’s passing?
that kept alive, cancerous,
fights to kill from the inside.

yet, there, distant rebirth
hope’s prancing horse,
untamed, unrestrained, 
the nameless victory
gallops ever closer, 
the just returns,
colourful, colour filled.
joyous beating papillon,
torn hearts flutter back to life.
the blinded awakens,
cities of ignorance,
shaken by the quakes of revival.
armies silenced by tolerance,
the flower placed in the barrel. 
different decides to listen,
indifference lays down arms.
thunderous, this binding music,
clears ignorance’s deafened ear.
boundaries made boundless,
the child dances without fear.
paint kisses pained brush,
touches the healing canvas.
pieces turned to peace,
this masterpiece, 
love’s renaissance is near.

~ goatedlife